The Lisowski Family - Rochester, NH


When my daughter was born 12 weeks early at the closest NICU over an hour away from my house, and I had a 3 year old at home, we weren’t sure how we were going to afford gas back and forth everyday, let alone all our bills and groceries. I had been out of work for months on bed rest. Without hesitation, Heather and Lucas’ Helping Hands stepped right in and mailed us gas cards, a Walmart gift card, and a Market Basket gift card. Without them there may have been days we couldn’t afford to go back and forth and spend time with BOTH of our children. Heather checked in often to make sure we were doing okay with everything. We are forever grateful for everything her organization does.

Anonymous Family


I have two small children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Lucas’ Helping Hands has been there for me every step of the way. They provided me with educational resources when my oldest was first diagnosed that provided me a foundation of knowledge about ASD. They have helped financially by connecting us with programs during the holidays that provided my children with much more than they could ever need, and they continue to be there for me emotionally. Whenever a new twist or turn arises I know I can turn to them for reassurance, guidance, or a listening ear. I will forever be grateful of everything Lucas’ Helping Hands has done for my family.

Family- Rochester, NH


I know my passion and desire is to make things better for my son, but when I met with Heather from Lucas' Helping Hands, WOW, it put words to my feelings and struggles - what I want most of all is to not just make change for my son but for all and for how people perceive disabilities. I have been challenged and have grown from the support from Lucas' Helping Hands. When all too often it was me just getting us through the day, they gave me the gift of time - full of hopes and dreams for inclusiveness. A cool, calm direction to keep moving towards advocating not just for us, but for all. You always answer! Thank you.

The Lewis Family - North Berwick, ME


Josh's iPad is not just recreation - it's communication, education, and gratification. Within 24 hours of his iPad crashing and our family not having the funds to replace it, Lucas, together with his wonderful mom, personally delivered a new one for us! We will be forever grateful for the kindness shown to our family and the opportunities their gift awarded to Josh.